Why the MAGA crowd still believes…


We do not expect our elected leaders, our idols, our elders, and other people we respect and hold dear, to lie to us.

We generally believe those whom we trust, from teachers, clergy, doctors and reporters, to our elected leaders.

When any of them lie to us, but especially our elected leaders, many of us are blind to it, we automatically believe them. We do not question the things they say.

Questioning our leaders is typically the job of the media. We expect the media to always be on the side of the truth, and not be partisan in their reporting.

When our leaders lie to us, when they are silent in the face of hate, bigotry, crime and injustice, when they repeat lies over and over, and when these lies, instead of being exposed for what they are, get amplified by media outlets, the lies become the truth for many.

Even if we develop doubts over time, many of us don’t want to look like we were gullible and stupid to fall for a lie, no matter how outrageous it may have been, so we keep going along with the lie instead of calling it out.

This is why, in my opinion, the MAGA crowd, Trumpers, etc., are still beholden to that Turd and continue to support the outrageous lies and conspiracy theories he spouts whenever his lips are moving.

When lies are repeated and asserted as truth by men and women in Congress, (who have their own agendas for doing it), or on Fox “News” (whose owner is a hateful, old, white shrivelled up, bigoted racist with his own nefarious agenda), it becomes easy to succumb and believe that the lies are the truth.

At that point, the constant exposure to the lies has resulted in a form of conditioning and brainwashing.

Who is to blame? Well, first we must blame ourselves for being gullible and accepting the lie outright. We must blame ourselves for not checking to see if there is a chance that the information we are being given may not be the truth. Sometimes we just want something to be the truth, no matter how crazy it is, simply because we don't want to believe the alternative.

However, the majority of the blame must be given to the people that were around the lying Orange Turd for four years. They allowed for things to get out of hand, which brought us to where we are now.

The sycophants in the Party Of Death (formerly the GOP), who did nothing to show Trump that there are boundaries that are not to be crossed, the people in his party who enabled, supported and encouraged his lying, cheating and vulgarizing, they are to blame! When they failed to put Trump in his place, he took advantage of the situation and reveled in behaving like a spoiled three-year-old, wallowing in his power like a pig in mud. And, if their excuse for doing nothing is that they were too afraid of Trump’s base to stand up for what is decent and right, then we do not need them in our government and places of power!

Even when the Democrats in Congress gave Republicans the opportunity to do their duty and put Trump in his place, holding him accountable for his misdeeds in office, they failed the American people! TWICE!!

They simply could not admit publicly that they had been supporting an evil Ogre that is as vile and as crooked as they come. They were afraid of alienating Trump’s base and risk losing power. They just didn’t have the balls to do what was right (except for Liz Cheney and Adam Kitzinger)!

This failure by Republicans, exacerbated by Fox “News” and other “media outlets” who incessantly have, and still do, amplify the lies and hate, we now have a large amount of our population that is thoroughly indoctrinated. They have drunk the Kool-Aid!

Can that part of our population ever be brought back to seeing and recognizing the truth? Can they ever be brought back to trusting anyone? Can they ever be taught to recognize fact from fiction? They believe stuff to which there doesn’t exist any proof, just people saying that it is so.

I understand that some people believe that there is a God, without being able to see HER or have physical proof of HER existence. That kind of blind faith is much different from what I am describing.

For example, the lies and accusations that have been put out into the world about the 2020 election, should NOT be a matter of blind faith!

There should be clear physical evidence for what the MAGA crowd, Fox “News” hosts, Trumpers, etc., are saying. I want to see proof of the fraud and cheating that is supposed to have happened during the election. If there was any of that going on, even to a lesser degree, surely there MUST be some kind of physical proof!

Why doesn’t it seem odd that most Republican candidates down ticket in the 2020 election WON their races? This is something not ever mentioned by the people who claim election fraud.

In the absence of proof, the accusations and lies have been exposed for what they are, just that, ACCUSATIONS and LIES.

I can emphasize, though. If the tables were reversed, and my candidate would accuse the other side of cheating, I would probably believe it myself…for a while.

Why? Because it is easier to think that your side was cheated out of a win, instead of accepting that your candidate did not have what was needed to win, that he or she lost straight out, fair and square. It is also hard to have to realize and accept that you, your opinions and your beliefs, are in the minority.

However, that is what mature people often have to do day in and day out, live with defeat, loss, and disappointment.

When the leader of the free world does not accept his election loss and, instead of engaging in a peaceful transition of power, displays the emotional maturity of a spoiled three-year-old, it can have horrible consequences, as we have seen on January 6, 2021.

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it is a duck!

Unfortunately, so many people have been blinded by Trump’s hate and indifference, his racism, bigotry and hypocrisy, his bluster and braggadocio, they have stopped thinking for themselves and now will believe anything put before them by him, or by any of his clones. They have become Zombies, devoid of independent thought or actions.

After all the debunked myths, the failed lawsuits, the proven lies, the fraud regarding donations to pay for election lawsuits, the proven unethical behavior in office, the attempted blackmail of another nation’s leader, and even “just” the nepotism in office, people still listen to, follow, emulate or aspire to be, just like that loser.

They have become detached from reality, not showing any interest at all in listening to or finding out what “the other side” has to say.

We have to find a way to open these people’s eyes to the truth in order to reunite our country and heal the rift, otherwise we surely are headed to a civil war in the foreseeable future.

The cancer of lies and hate that Trump has brought to our nation, has already metastasized and spread into many of our states. Worst of all of those, for now, the tumor that is growing unchecked down in Tallahassee, Florida!



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Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”