What some call “Hungarian style conservatism…”

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán…21st century authoritarian and fascist

…is in reality right wing Republicans, trying to white-wash and hide their love for authoritarianism and fascism!

What has happened in Hungary over the past 11 years is pure authoritarianism and fascism. From criminalizing homosexuality to not allowing immigrants into the country for fear of diluting the Hungarian culture, Vickor Orbán is the poster child of a fascist operating inside of the European Union.

Don’t be fooled by his suits, he might as well be wearing a uniform and shiny black jackboots.

No wonder the right wing Republican Trumpists think that “he is all that and a bag of chips,” he is doing the things that they were hoping Trump would do if his evil little plot to overthrow the duly elected government on January 6, 2021, had worked. There is still a reckoning outstanding for that, by the way, hopefully with an orange jumpsuit waiting for Trump and his plotters at the end of it.

The little Fox “News”Nazi, Tucker Carlson, was hosting his show from Budapest for a week, brushing up on his ass kissing and right arm salute, I am sure.

In his spare time he probably practiced the art of denunciation and otherwise continued spreading lies and conspiracy theories about science and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Growing up in West Germany in the 1960’s, I detest authoritarians and fascist, having heard plenty about fascism and Nazi Rule in Germany and the strife, tyranny and woe this type of intolerant, violent and racist form of government brought to the world. Had it not been for the Allied Forces defeating the Nazi Army, we would be living in a dark world of slavery and suppression, a world devoid of freedom and democracy and devoid of joy and laughter.

I for one will not live in such a world! I pledge that I will fight the fascists in any way I can, if they subvert our democracy, and I hope that freedom loving people everywhere will rise up and join in that fight, should it come to pass.

There is one only one place where authoritarian fascists belong…6 feet under, in an unmarked grave.