We are living in the information age…

…so why do so many people listen to and believe disinformation, rumors and lies they find on the internet or FOX “News?”

There are many old-school reputable news outlets that are trustworthy, with their reporters adhering to journalistic rules and principles. National and international TV Networks like ABC,NBC,CBS, BBC, CBC, and Deutsche Welle are among them.

Then there are print outlets like the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Miami Herald and the New York Times, amongst others, who have a long history of accurate reporting.

Finally, there is the radio which features NPR and local affiliated NPR stations in many states for reputable news reporting.

Many of the above mentioned also have a presence on the internet, if you prefer to get your news via your computer, tablet or phone.

What I would not do on the internet is consume news through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media outlets. I would not even come to this very outlet, Medium.com, where I am writing this piece, because many outlets like these, as well as the social media outlets do not report actual news, they either repeat things that are in the news or people use their platform to voice their opinions there.

Most of these outlets and platforms do not have their own reporters that work on stories, have to run them by editors before they get published and have to adhere to journalistic standards, similar to like FOX “News,” their pundits give their skewed opinions, most of them do not report the actual news, work on stories or adhere to standards of journalism.

This piece right here is my opinion and perception of things I have seen or heard somewhere else and share the thoughts that I have about them.

If you read or hear anything on the internet that does not come from a reputable news source, assume that it is not totally accurate. Fact check it if you want to be sure.

If you put “fact checking on the internet” into your Google search engine, you get a list of fact checking sites. There you can read up on the latest headlines in the news and on social media and see whether these claims are true, false or somewhere in-between.

So, in this information age, make use of your ability to stay informed but make sure that the place where you get your news is a reputable outlet. If you get your news from a social media site or FOX “News,” go to a fact checking site and make sure that the news you are consuming isn’t a pile of garbage or a pack of lies.