Make the world a better place…again!

Donald Trump, with his campaign of misinformation and lies, accusing reputable news organizations of spreading “Fake News” when they called him out on his lying, cheating or corruption, has not only harmed the USA, he has harmed the world. His attacks on the press have emboldened Despots and Strong Men in other countries to curtail a free press with similar accusations of “fake news” or labeling the media as “the lying media.”

His meetings with Despots like Erdogan, Putin, Xi and Kim Jong Un have strengthened their hold on power by legitimizing them and their actions. It has emboldened and encouraged other leaders like Bolsonaro in Brazil, Orbán in Hungary or Duda in Poland to get a tighter grip on power there too, it has enabled right wingers, nationalist, fascist and other hate groups to be more tolerated or even become legitimate and be supported by the populace, like the AFD in Germany, whereas before Trump, this would have been deemed outrageous.

Right Wing groups, nationalist groups, fascists and racists have all had a resurgence around the world, because Donald Trump has enabled them. By not speaking out against these groups and their hate filled messages and actions, combined with his own attacks on the press, he has nurtured a culture that tolerates and excuses attacks on minorities, immigrants or any people who think, look or sound different. The big excuse being, white people, especially old white men, are under siege and are endangered to become a minority in this country.

As an average person, I feel that it is people like me who need to speak out and let it be known that the type of behavior we have been seeing in the White House and in Congress is no longer accepted.

We need to break through the barriers of ignorance and hate that have been build up by our own President and maintained by all of those who make excuses for his unacceptable behavior, and show them the door.

With this action we can only hope that the rest of the world will follow and people in Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea, Hungary, Poland, Brazil and wherever else populism has caused Despots and Strong Men to gain or maintain power, will rise up and remove them.