Can you believe that VP Mike Pence, leader of the Corona Task Force, has turned down a national face-mask mandate on public transportation. How absolutely irresponsible and lacking of leadership is that?

Pence and his boss are not living in the same world we live in, there is no other explanation. They honestly want to be re-elected? In what reality?

They don’t mind risking our lives, knowing that Covid-19 is an airborne virus. Trump, earlier this week was telling the American public not to be afraid of the virus, while being jacked up on steroids and whatever other drugs they pumped into him to keep this sorry, unclean, Covid-19 diseased blowhard around.

At the best of times, public transportation is a breeding ground for illnesses like the common cold or the flu. Now you add Covid-19 to the mix, - and the leader of the Corona Task Force is against making the wearing of a face mask when using the public transport system, a national mandate.

All I have to say to that is, “I wish that Pence would have to ride the Metro in DC for about a week, especially during rush hour, and then we talk again.

Then again, we are the USA and we don’t tell people what to do, like wear seat belts, stop at a red light or not to smoke in restaurants. So requiring people to wear a face masks (during a pandemic with an airborne spread) while using public transportation to keep each other safe and healthy would not fit in at all.

What an idiot!

At least in Great Britain they care about keeping each other safe!