Think about this for a moment

With regards to Covid-19, Trump maligns and rails against scientists and science. Instead of listening to experts like Dr. Fauci, who is a physician and immunologist and highly respected in his field, he listens to Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist, who is pushing such voodoo as “Herd Immunity” to fight Covid-19 and who thinks that “masks don’t work” in preventing the spread of an airborne communicable disease.

Now let’s be clear here, Trump is not listening to a physician who has an extensive research portfolio of basic and applied research to prevent, diagnose, and treat established infectious diseases. Instead, he listens to the advice of a radiologist. That is as effective as having your car repaired at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the place where you get your drivers license renewed.

However, he caught Covid-19 and THEN he suddenly listened to the doctors and scientists and even allowed them to turn him into a lab rat, even allowing them to shoot him up with experimental drugs because he was experiencing “brown trousers time.” What a hypocrite!