The Orange Grifter is at it again!

…and they are too stupid to realize it!

We are talking about someone who claims to be very rich…when he needs to get a bank credit…and poor, when he needs to pay taxes.

Since his gig as a twice impeached President and failed coup plotter, he has taken to begging for money from his gullible supporters. First the begged them for money so that he could pursue his lie of a stolen election and voter fraud in the courts, now he wants their money to eventually defend himself in court, because the long arm of the law is FINALLY grabbing him by his wrinkly, spray tanned neck.

You would think that he has enough money of his own to pay for any legal defense, but I guess he feels that his supporters should be the ones paying for stuff like that. Unfortunately, most of that money lands in his own, private coffers, as the episode with challenging the election results in the courts has shown. There, he not only had it put in fine print, too small to read, on the donation form, that he could use the donated money to pay for election debts, rather than being used for the purpose his supporters thought they were sending it to him.

He also used his unsuspecting (or gullible) donors’ good faith, and turned what they thought was a one time donation for his reelection campaign into a recurring one, that was automatically deducted from their accounts, without their prior knowledge. He did this by having a box on the donation form pre-checked, so that people were agreeing to recurring charges.

Now, Trump is asking his supporters to send him money so that he can defend himself from the witch hunt that (as he calls it) the Biden “regime,” the Democrats, the FBI, and the DOJ are engaging in, against him.

According to him, it is a politically motivated witch hunt because he certainly has done nothing wrong. Taking top secret, classified materials to his golf resort is no problem. Just like trying to overthrow the duly elected government is not an issue, or calling for his Vice President to be hung is of no concern.

What a fu**ing LOSER! And what fu**ing LOSERS his supporters are for believing him!

The worst of the worst of the fu**ing LOSERS, however, are the people in his Party who openly support his lies, and the worst of those are the ones who stay silent and do not speak out against him. They are the fu**ing COWARDLY LOSERS!

I felt that this needed to be said out loud, I feel better now.

The level of stupidity, racism, and hate that members and supporters of the Republican Party aspire to, has apparently no limit.



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Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”