On the turbo confirmation hearing…

…for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barett.

According to the Hypocrite Lindsey Graham, Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that “a President serves for four years, not three.” This is how they try to justify their action of disenfranchising the American People with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as perfectly legal. It may be legal, but that does not make it right, based on their prior actions and statements made about Supreme Court nominations in an election year. What a sickening example of hypocritical partisanship by someone who is supposed to serve the people.

This raises the question, does this mean that Mitch McConnell’s and Republican Senate’s refusal to hold a hearing on President Obama’s supreme court nominee, Merrick Garland, 8 month before the election in 2016, unconstitutional? Probably not, but it still raises the question, would this make it possible to have Judge Neil Gorsuch removed from the bench and replaced with another nominee from the next President?

The answer to myself is yet again, “probably not,” since it is not Gorsuch’s fault that the Republicans in the Senate are hypocritical, double-talking, lying individuals who, in evolutionary terms, probably ranking below E.coli, which would explain why they are as likable as a case of full-blown, explosive diarrhea, with a Turd for a leader.

The way it looks to me, we currently have two tainted Judges on the Supreme Court.

Neil Gorsuch, for being installed through a possibly unconstitutional or at the least, disenfranchising action of the Senate by blocking the hearing of Merrick Garland, a Supreme Court nominee of President Obama’s, 8 month before the election, in order to allow the next President to make a selection. Without this, possibly unconstitutional action (Judicial Committee chairman Lindsey Graham agreeing with the late Supreme Court Judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that “…a President serves for four years, not three.”), the seat would not have been open

The second tainted Supreme Court Judge is Brett Cavanaugh, an accused rapist who was pushed through Senate confirmation without proper time for the FBI to talk with witnesses to investigate and clear him of the accusation.

A quick comment on the Trump advertisement using Dr. Fauci

I simply think that this manipulated advertisement shows what desperate, despicable, low-life, bottom dwelling, dishonorable liars Trump and the Republicans are.