I was standing in the shower…

Not me! Grist/Shutterstock

…thinking about how “funny” it is that the Republicans are arguing the need to build a “Firewall” in the U.S. Congress by winning the Georgia races for Senate, in order to have a divided government and prevent the Democrats from having the majority in the House and Senate, with Joe Biden as President.

The odd thing is, they did not seem to think that this was necessary when they held the majority in the Congress, with Trump as President. However, maybe they have seen how absolute power will corrupt absolutely and are now projecting their own evil deeds onto the Democrats.

Well, whilst having those thoughts, it occurred to me that there appear to be three types of Republicans: Reflexive Republicans, Trumpist Republicans and Old School Republicans.

Reflexive Republicans are those who vote for that party because it is something like a “family tradition.” Reflexive Republicans do not think about the options presented to them because to them there is no other option, even if the choice is between “Good vs Evil.” They automatically see their side on the side of the “Good,” even when that is clearly not the case.

Trumpist Republicans are people who started off as normal thinking Republicans who have either become corrupted by power and greed or who see one aspect of what they are looking for in a leader, fulfilled by Trump. For example, religious people may like him because he is anti-abortion, conveniently overlooking his lies, hate, greed, corruption, division, racism and so forth, not even realizing that he may not even be against abortion out of the same reasons that they are but simply because he hates women and likes to control them.

In Congress, the Trumpists started to look the other way when their Leader acted in unprecedented undemocratic, corrupt, slanderous, racist, divisive ways…and then got away with it…because of their silence and inaction. When they realized that this was the case and that there was no real way for anyone to stop them, they became even more brazen, corrupt and hypocritical in their own actions. Ramming a nominee to the U.S. Supreme court through Congress days before an election, taking the choice for that nomination from the next President that the American People vote for, even though they had said four years earlier that they would NOT DO exactly such a thing if this situation occurred.

Openly supporting, repeating or spreading lies and conspiracy theories is another tool that they employed in their attempt to cling to power. The latest vile disservice that these Trumpist Republicans have been doing to us, the American People, is sowing doubt on our election process and then on the outcome of the election, not accepting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winners. They are refusing to call Joe Biden President-Elect and support Trump in his Quixotic attempts to overthrow the outcome of the election through unsubstantiated accusations of voter fraud and by filing frivolous lawsuits and attempts to influence the electoral college to vote for him, taking into account that they would be disenfranchising millions of us if he were to succeed.

Old School Republicans who believe in small government, a balanced budget and other traditional Republican values are free thinking and can recognize a person who is evil and poison to their beliefs and to our democracy. Republicans like those who are involved in the Lincoln Project, who see Trump, McConnell, Graham and all the other greedy vultures that have hollowed out their party, a party that now also harbors right wing supremacists and QAnon supporters, as the parasitic vermin that they are.

Old School Republicans lead when given the chance and graciously admit defeat when it happens to them. They will serve our Nation, not their own interests, will make deals and strike compromises with Democrats if it is for the good of the Country.

We need politicians of both parties to act this way, support good, condemn evil, do what is best for the country even if it is not the best for you at the moment.

Trumpist Republicans are afraid to go against their party and it’s leaders, for fear to get Tweeted at or that they may lose support in an election. They follow their wallet because they have lost their convictions a long time ago.

Trumpist Republicans do not deserve to stay in, or be elected to, any public office because they hurt our democracy and our nation.

Trump holds the distinction of earning the second-most votes all time. However, the majority of voters elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who beat Trump in the popular vote by more than 6 million votes.

Let’s hope that in January, in Georgia, the people of Georgia will send a message to the Trumpist Republicans to let them know that their time is up because the American People have had enough of their greed, hate, corruption, hypocrisy and division. We don’t need a Firewall in Congress, we just need people with honor, values and empathy.