I am generally not a violent person,

So, the radical conservatives on the Supreme Court have overturned a 50-year-old law of the land, abortion rights for women. Now what? Why stop here? There are plenty of other things that bother the radical, conservative, Evangelical, right wing fascists in this country. Gay marriage, Interracial marriage, Transgender People, Homosexuality, People of Color voting, Desegregation…

This list could go on for quite a while. In light of the dire straits that our democracy is in, what is the solution? Well, the quickest and easiest one would be a total purge of all the radical, conservative, Evangelical, right wing fascists, the intolerant and the haters that are in all positions of power at all levels of government.

Such a purge could be of a violent nature, similar to The Night of the Long Knives under Hitler in Nazi Germany. However, this is not a good example because Hitler killed people inside his own party. Perhaps The Night of Broken Glass, also an event that happened under Hitler, serves as a better, if still somewhat inaccurate, analogy.

However, not only would an action like that, probably lead to a civil war, it also would be utterly and fundamentally wrong on so many levels!


There is one exception to using violence, and that is when you or your loved ones are being physically attacked, at that point, in my opinion, it is ok to use violence to defend yourself or your loved ones.

Another, more peaceful purge could be undertaken at the polls, as long as all of us still have the right to vote. Over the next six years, we could sweep all the radical, conservative, Evangelical, right wing fascists, the intolerant and the haters, out of positions of power by electing Democrats, Independents, and sane Republicans into office.

What about the radicals occupying positions of power that are lifetime appointments? Well, rules and laws change, lifetime appointments could be turned into time limited appointments. Also, the lure of a golden parachute if resigning from a lifetime post may also be attractive to some.

All of this takes time and meanwhile we have to live under the yoke of oppression, which may get worse before it gets better, but we have a plan and if we are patient and stick to it, brighter times will be ahead.

So what to do for now? Well, we can protest and vote in the real world. We can have strikes and other forms of non-violent resistance. But, we can also put thoughts out into the Universe. I, for one, believe in Karma and in the power of thought.

For myself, I am putting affirmative thoughts into the Universe along the lines of “thank you Higher Power for giving the radical, conservative, Evangelical, right wing fascists, the intolerant and the haters, here and everywhere in the world, their just rewards. Thank you for making them suffer for their cruel deeds upon humankind, and thank you for sending them into the void or wherever their own private hell may be.”

What century and what country are we living in, where a proven medical procedure can be prohibited and criminalized, based on the religious beliefs of a minority, primarily made up of old, white men?

Why do their religious beliefs compel the anti-abortion crowd to forbid a woman to have an unwanted, dividing mass of cells, being expelled from her body? It is not like anyone is making THEM have an abortion! Having that procedure done is a choice, an option, something that you can decide to have or not have, based on your conscience, faith, and circumstances of what is happening in your life at that time.

Why do their “Choose Life” beliefs not clash with things like the death penalty or lax gun laws? After all, guns are the cause of thousands of unwanted deaths in this country every year.

I am also left wondering what kind of woman would give up control over decisions regarding her body and her health? A brainwashed one, perhaps?

In light of recent events regarding the prohibition of a woman’s right to have an abortion if she so chooses, I think that we should also stop treating erectile dysfunction and impotence, immediately! The little blue pill, and all others like it with similar function, should be outlawed. Even if it is being used to treat other ailments, that is just too bad. Perhaps erectile dysfunction and impotence are a sign from God that you should not have sex anymore, at least not with your penis!

While we are speaking of dicks (I really have been doing that from the first sentence!), shouldn’t all sperm be sacred? With that in mind, I think that men who masturbate alone should have to eat their own stuff in order not to waste it. If they are with another person, then it is between them to decide what to do with it, as long as it does not end up in a tissue, flushed down the toilet.

Well, any religion that is intolerant towards people who have different values and views, or any people who use their faith as a reason to be intolerant towards other people with different values and views, have not understood the basic message of religion! That message, to my knowledge is be kind to others, love thy neighbor, and generally be a good and caring person. In my eyes, these people and their religions are nothing but hateful and hypocritical.



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Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”