Hey Mike Pence…

HE thinks THE STATE should have power over YOUR uterus and YOUR reproductive rights!

…if you want the Supreme Court to “restore the sanctity of life” as you stated at the forum devoted to demographics and family values in Budapest, Hungary, then other things must happen too!

Never mind that this forum was taking place in Hungary, where Viktor Orban created a right wing fascist paradise, a Disney World for white supremacists, racists, authoritarians and all out Nazis, like Tucker Carlson and the like.

When you say that you want to protect life, you are talking about wanting to protect a mass of dividing cells in a woman’s uterus. Cells that she does not want to have there. Cells that could be removed in a safe medical procedure. How nice and caring of you.

In your opinion these cells must be allowed to grow inside the woman, under any circumstance, no matter how they got there, even against her wish. You are not concerned with what it will do to the woman and how it will affect the rest of her life to be forced to stay pregnant and give birth to a baby she never wanted.

However, you and your ilk will not support the woman with federal and state programs once she has given birth. Tough for her if she does not have enough money to support herself or her baby. Health care, prenatal care, child care, all of those things are none of your concern, as long as that ball of cells is allowed to divide and grow.

Perhaps if you feel this way about babies, then you should also make sure that these babies are taken care of after they are born. Fathers should also be held responsible for any babies they produce. If a man can not or will not support a woman who he has impregnated, then perhaps he should be sterilized in order to prevent him from further breeding and putting other women into similar circumstances.

If this is how you and all of your sanctimonious Republican blowholes feel about unborn life, then surely you must care about the life that is already on this earth. In this case, you must help pass legislation to repeal the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

In 2019 there were roughly 39,000 deaths caused by guns. There is no need for private citizens to have guns or firearms of any kind in the 21st Century because we have a well armed police force to protect and keep us safe.

We also do not need guns for hunting because we have plenty of food available to us in what we call groceries and supermarkets.

If anyone does need to hunt for food, then we have bows available. An arrow shot from a hunting bow will bring down deer, elk, moose, and other wildlife while also giving that wildlife a fair chance of not getting killed over a long distance, as it would with a hunting rifle.

While you put your trust into the U.S. Supreme Court to bring women’s rights back to the Stone Age, you and your Republican friends in the U.S. Congress and in Republican State Legislatures should work on some changes as well.

For example, the death penalty will have to be abolished wherever it is still being used, unless you don’t believe that ALL HUMAN LIFE is sacred!

Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination programs have to be adopted for everyone eligible around our nation because that disease has killed over 600,000 people in the USA since it came here at the end of 2019.

Republican-led states rank highest in Covid-19 related deaths! Why? Because Republican leaders do not urge their citizens to protect each other by wearing face masks in enclosed spaces and/or social distance and wear face masks in situations where there are a lot of people close together, even outdoors. Many Republican leaders also do not urge their constituents to get vaccinated, instead they support the lies and conspiracy theories about the vaccines, disseminated on Fox and by QAnon.

If you believe even further that ALL LIFE is sacred, then I suggest that you and your Republican friends quickly learn to embrace the vegan lifestyle because anything less would be unacceptable.