Hey all you Trump cultists!

I think that it is time to spit out any KoolAid that may still remain in your mouth’s, and wake up.

It is time to realize that for the past four years, you have been supporting a person best described as a con, fraud, double talker, manipulator, snake oil salesman, shyster, swindler or just plain old, unethical low life scum.

It is easy to succumb to the hate and deception spouted by such a person if you are struggling in life and do not have much hope or perspective. A person like Trump will take advantage of your situation, act like he understands will tell you that he is one of you and identify other people as the reason for your misery. Those people then become the enemy, to be controlled and destroyed. Foreigners, Muslims, Black and Brown people, BLM activists, Reporters and other critical media, Democrats, etc.. Funny thing though, while he, she or his clan gains more power and wealth through your support, often times also asked to be financial through a small donation, your situation does not improve. Sound familiar?

Well, you have been swindled and blinded, it can happen to any of us in a similar situation such as yours. It happened to people in Germany in 1933, when Hitler started on his rise to power.

Other people who tend to follow such a person are the ones who are already well off or wealthy and in position of power. They can not be forgiven for their falling into lock-step with such a vile and evil villain like Trump because they are not doing it out of desperation or even ignorance, like you, but out of greed for more power and wealth. Those people, among them most Republicans in the U.S. Congress, must be held accountable for their support and enabling of a person who has attacked our democratic system, its traditions, rules and laws, in spite of their better judgement.

By staying silent and not speaking out when our nation needed it, they have supported the hate and division spouted by Trump and his family, they have supported his crazy conspiracy theories and they have supported his racism and his ambitions at autocracy or even full out fascism.

The latest example is their deafening silence in response to Trump’s attempt to overthrow a democratic election that has been deemed as one of the safest and fair in decades, an election Trump has clearly lost. They condone that some low level, pencil pushing, office-chair farter like Emily Murphy at the GSA can hold up the peaceful, democratic, orderly transition of power from one administration to the next, rather than ordering her to get out of the way and allow the natural transition of power to take place.

Not holding them to account will only embolden them further. Think of it this way, could you, in good conscience, vote for someone who has supported Hitler? I don’t think so. Giving your vote in the future, to a Republican who has shown the bad judgement to follow Trump for four years without speaking up while he raped our democracy, is equally unthinkable.

You can be forgiven for being blinded by Trump, they can not!