During a public health crisis, an individual’s rights must take a back seat to what is in the public’s interest…

…the right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated is not as important as making sure that a population is protected and a life threatening disease is kept at bay and eventually wiped out.

When there is a vaccine available that helps to curb the spread of a disease as well as keep the severity of the disease to a minimum, nobody has an excuse not to take this vaccine except, of course, those who can not receive it due to their age or underlying health conditions.

Vaccinated people should receive a proof of vaccination so that they can identify themselves in public life when needed. Those who can not be vaccinated should receive a proof of their condition and be exempt from any and all consequences that the unvaccinated-by-choice should face.

Anyone CHOOSING not to get vaccinated should feel consequences of their inaction. It may be as severe as having to be isolated from regular society, perhaps in places similar to a Lepers Island or Lepers Colony.

Another consequence could be that people who are unvaccinated do not get to attend school or be allowed at their place of work. However, if they are not allowed to work because of being unvaccinated then they should also not get paid or receive any kind of state or federal aid.

Perhaps, if they come down with the disease they could have been vaccinated against, their insurance should not pay for their health treatment.

Travel should be restricted for the unvaccinated-by-choice crowd. No public transport like buses, trams, cabs, Uber, Lyft or similar forms of transportation. No flying on planes or using trains, ships or ferrys.

Taking part in public life, like going to restaurants, concerts, etc., should be off limits for the unvaccinated.

I know that these would be harsh, almost inhumane actions, but when we are faced with a public health crisis that could be solved by people getting vaccinated, FOR FREE by the way, then those people must be “encouraged” to change their minds by experiencing the consequences put upon them by the rest of society, besides the obvious consequence they may face, getting sick and possibly dying.

Since positive reinforcement, from free food to entry in a million dollar lottery with completed vaccination, has only shown limited results, it is time to go the negative reinforcement route of societal and natural consequences and see if that does not inspire the unvaccinated to change their minds on the issue.

Of course, the easiest way to get things done would be for the Federal Government to pass a national vaccination law that would require all people, except those that have conflicting health issues or are ineligible for vaccination due to their age, to get vaccinated, similar to the seat belt law that was instated on January 1, 1986.

That is my opinion on the issue. We are heading back to a mask mandate and other restrictions because the Delta variant of Covid-19 is sweeping through the unvaccinated population, but it is also causing breakthrough infections amongst the vaccinated.

If this is not stopped fast there is a big chance that the virus will further mutate, possible producing a virus strain that is not affected by the vaccine, putting us all back to square one.

I, for one, would like to avoid that!