Democrats need to be more ruthless!

Democrats in Congress are reacting too slow to Republican tactics of stalling and obstructionism, meant to de-rail the Biden agenda and prevent the enacting of groundbreaking legislation on a number of issues, because they keep hoping that Republicans will work with them in a bi-partisan fashion.

Well, hope dies last and at this point, hope is nothing but an empty carcass, left out to rot in the sun, giving off the foul odor of decomposition.

Well Democrats, you are gullible and plain dumb if you believe that you can work with these Republicans. The Republican party, for the most part, has gone full fascist in their agenda and can not be counted on to be a valued and honest partner in a democracy as ours. Their focus is on gaining back power, any way they can, while restricting people’s rights and liberties.

For example, if Republicans were in power and wanted to get rid of the filibuster for whatever reason, they would have done so without thinking about it twice. They would have voted to get rid of it in lock-step fashion and not have given a shit about what the American people would think of them or what kind of repercussions it may have for them down the road. If it would provide a means to an end, they would do it. For one thing, Republicans simply don’t think that the American electorate is smart enough to remember events that are further than six weeks in the past.

Democrats need to act equally partisan and ruthless — but for the good of our country.

We need to get a decent infrastructure bill into place! We need the John Lewis act to become law! We need to protect minorities from being discriminated against! We need to protect women’s right to get a safe abortion if they need one! We need gun laws that are sane!

The Republican fascists are laughing their asses off at the stupidity and gullibility of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. They marvel at how easy it is to manipulate them, simply through flattery, into being tools to make sure their fascist agenda will be able to progress.

Sinema and Manchin, two of Mitch McConnell’s tools in the U.S Senate

Republicans are laughing at the Democrats’ inability in the U.S. Senate to do what’s best for the country because the Democrats care about things like ethics, morals and scruples and don’t want to look like “bad guys.”