Dangerous Liaison

5 min readAug 10, 2022


With the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, radical white supremacists, right-wingers, fascists, conspiracy theorists and Republican blowhards in politics are fuming at the mouth.

In the social networks that they use, many of them are apparently calling for violence against the United States and its government institutions. One person apparently even suggested that Trump call on the various right wing militias to attack the government.

What that person does not realize is that Trump does not have the balls to take that step. If he were to openly take the lead in physically attacking our government, he would confirm what so many people already know, that he is nothing but a raving egomaniacal criminal and wannabe dictator. No, Trump knows better than to out himself.

Instead, Trump will send out messages on social media to fuel the fires of hate and discontent amongst his sycophants and fanatic followers, hoping that they will read between the lines of his messages and do the dirty work of overthrowing the government for him, similar to the attempted insurrection on January 6. After all the dirty work is done, he will ascend to the throne of power, with his enemies conquered and vanquished…and if it goes wrong, well then all HE did was to use his right of free speech.

But the Orange Menace with the bad haircut doesn’t just do the messaging himself, he also has Republican politicians sending out messages in a similar vain, trying to stir up the most radical sycophants amongst the MAGA crowd, willing to commit violent acts.

This hate and the calls for violence by right wing, fascist, radicals, which is further fueled by Trump and Republican politicians, has great potential to result in extreme violence around the country. Even worse, by sympathizing with these radical entities, Republicans are legitimizing them and are giving them a platform!

Politicians with a conscience would be appealing for calm. They would be talking about law and order, and they would point out that while unusual, it is not much of a surprise that the former President’s Florida residence was raided, considering his backstory. However, Republicans these days are not showing that they have a conscience, they prefer to fan the flames and talk about their shock and outrage, with Trump crying “WITCH HUNT” from the sidelines.

All of their complaints are HOGWASH!

It is a dangerous game the Republicans are engaging in. They are playing with matches, in a cabin filled with black powder, located in a drought stricken forest.

By aligning and agreeing with the radical haters, rather than supporting our system of law and order, they are creating a dangerous connection, which may blow up in all of our faces and leave our democracy in shambles. If that does happen, and mayhem and death ensue, I bet that all of these Republicans will later claim that they were not serious about the things they had been saying.

Looking at the facts, there really is nothing to be outraged and shocked about! Trump had taken government documents that he was not permitted to have, to his Florida home. He apparently did not return all of these documents when representatives of the National Archives came calling for them the first time, hence the raid.

Besides the illegal taking of documents, Trump is being investigated for election interference in Georgia, as well as for his involvement in the insurrection on January 6, to name just two of his more well known legal problems. He is no longer in office, so he does not, and should not, enjoy special protection from the law.

Anyone else, under similar investigation by the law, would receive the same treatment if appropriate, and nobody would think twice about it. With Trump though, it is not about him possibly being a criminal, no, with him, it is a political witch hunt. Oh, please, give me a break!

What it boils down to is that all the radical right-wingers who are calling for civil war, supported by Republican politicians, are a menace to, and enemies of, our democracy and our society! Our parents and grandparents fought against those kinds of people in World War II.

In my opinion, they must be closely watched. Many of these right wing nutters are running for public office, where they may be able to change the outcome of future elections, if they are elected to the offices they seek.

I believe in people having differing opinions. I believe in freedom of speech and expression. I do not believe in the right to attack the foundations of our democratic system, in racism, in suppression of voters, in controlling women, in changing historic facts, in discrimination of people based on their race, sexuality or gender, in using human beings as political pawns, in hypocrisy…

All of the above are things that have, and are still being perpetrated by radical right wing Republicans like Ron de Santis, Greg Abbott, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson, to name a few. More scumbags like them are waiting in the wings, to be elected to office in the upcoming midterm elections.

If they manage to succeed, then the lives of those of us who believe in freedom, democracy, tolerance, equal justice, equal rights, human rights, freedom of speech and expression, a free press, and many other things we take for granted, will be severely changed.

It will be a good life for rich, white people, especially men, and not so good for anyone else who does not fit that description.

If we do not want to descend into white supremacy and fascism, then we need to be vigilant. Most of all though, we need to make sure that we vote in the midterm elections and block the haters from getting into office, throw out the haters that are up for re-election, and get those people into places of government who will represent us and our values.




Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”