Are YOU going to fight for your country?

My Country

Tell all the people who believe what they read in the press
Tell all the folk who stare from behind suburban walls
The enemy is not some nation far across the sea
The enemy is with us every single breathing day

Ch: So yes, I will fight for my country
The land that I love so well
Yes — for justice, a land fit for all our futures
Yes, I will fight for my country
The land that I love so well
Hear the voices of our history echo all around

Fight all the ones who divide us rich against poor
Fight all the ones who divide us white against black
Fight all the powers who want their missiles in our earth
Fight all the people who would lead us into war


No rights were ever given to us by the grace of God
No rights were ever given by some United Nations clause
No rights were ever given by some nice guy at the top
Our rights they were bought by all the blood
And all the tears of all our
Grandmothers, grandfathers before

For all the folk who gave their lives for us
For all the folk who spit out — never say die
For all the fires burning on our highest hills
For all the people spinning tales tonight
Fight all the powers who would abuse our Common Laws
Fight all the powers who think they only owe themselves . . .


Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Sullivan Justin Edward / Morrow Stuart Anthony

My Country lyrics © Attack-attack-music

It occurred to me that his song is timeless. It fits in perfectly with the war in Ukraine as well as with what is happening here in our own country, where democracy is under attack by the forces of evil.

Let’s be clear, the insurrection, the coup attempt, the attack on our democracy, is by no means over.

Voting rights are already under siege in many Republican led states. Rights for women and LGBTQ+ people are under attack in those states as well. With Trump sycophants standing for election to key positions in many battleground states, it is of the utmost importance that all law-abiding citizens who love this democracy, get ready to vote in the midterm elections. There may be Republican Election Monitors at the polls, possibly thugs, who want to intimidate and challenge voters, especially black and brown ones.

“Majorities of voters in at least three battleground states — Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina — chose a Democrat to represent them in the state’s House of Representatives. Yet in all three states, Republicans maintained majority control over the chamber despite winning only a minority of votes”, showing that gerrymandering is deeply undemocratic!

Redistricting has been done in such a way in certain states that black majority districts have been dissolved, losing representation.

The point is, will you fight for your country, or will you stand idly by and watch our democracy be subverted by the MAGA followers from the Party of Death, formerly known as the Republican Party?

Fighting for our country starts with spreading the message of the danger to our democracy.

Voting ourselves, and mobilizing friends, family, and neighbors to get them to vote, no matter what the circumstances, is of utter importance.

Helping those who can otherwise not cast their vote, get to the polls, is also something we can do.

Volunteering to be election workers is something that gets us directly involved in our democratic process.

If something like January 6, 2021, were to happen again, and if it were to succeed, then actually taking up arms against the traitors and despots would be what we would need to do, to fight for our country!

Would You?



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Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”