Anyone who does not not believe that Trump is Putin’s puppet…

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…then his behavior now, after it has been revealed that vital U.S. government agencies have been attacked by Russian hackers, should finally open their eyes.

Trump has not reacted publicly to this, still ongoing, cyber attack by Russia. There has been no reaction in terms of condemnation, chastising or even mild complaining towards Putin.

Over the past four years, Trump and his administration have engaged in actions that have benefited and strengthened Russia, whilst weakening the standing and reputation of the USA among our allies and in the World.

For the past four years, Trump has sown chaos in our government and in our bureaucracy, hollowing out government agencies by firing knowledgeable career employees and replacing them with incompetent sycophants.

He has sown division and fanned the flames of hate in our country, supporting right wing radical racists while demonizing people who exercise their constitutional right for free speech and assembly when they demonstrate against racism and police brutality.

What if all of his antics have been nothing but a ploy to have focus and attention taken away from the things that are important in order to make them more vulnerable towards an attack?

While many in our country and in the world were distracted by Trumps latest tweets and outrageous actions, the Russians had time to work on their plan to attack our nation, without fear of detection.

This would explain why Trump has done such a poor job leading us through Covid-19, the pandemic gave him a perfect canvas to increase his game of smoke and mirrors. Turning mask wearing into a political statement is just one of those smoke bombs. Other ones are the short track supreme court justice confirmation process and his super spreader election tour. His own infection with Covid-19 and the subsequent, suspiciously rapid, recovery are all part of that game.

His latest distraction is his unsubstantiated claim of election fraud, his refusal to concede the election and his endangerment of a peaceful transition of power. He keeps telling the radical part of his base that the election was stolen from them, hoping for what…riots and chaos in the streets?

This all may come to a head on January 20 of next year when Trump will probably not take part in the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Until then, who knows what kind of outrageous stunts he may pull in order to distract the eyes of the watchers over our democracy, our news agencies. Maybe he will grant pardons to himself, his family and everyone that worked in his administration? That would certainly cause an outrage.

Whatever the distraction may be, I believe it will be designed to avert our eyes from the really nefarious stuff that is happening elsewhere.

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The Russian government hack supposedly began in March of this year, around the same time when Trump launched into his attack on our public health by spreading lies and misinformation about Covid-19, as well as his general attack on our democracy by attacking governors of what he called “blue states,” for example. Coincidence?

I am going out on a limb and say that Trump is actually glad that he did not get re-elected. He is just playing out his part of the con that he has been involved in with Putin. He has no intention of running for President again in 2024. All he wants to do is collect as much money as possible from the gullible suckers who are donating to his Super PACs and then “get the hell out of Dodge” as soon as possible after January 20, probably to some Dacha in Russia, where neither his creditors nor U.S. law enforcement can touch him.

Trump’s next home?

I would suggest that the CIA, FBI and any other law enforcement agencies dealing with corruption, spying, tax evasion and whatever else he may be involved in, keep an eye on his accounts because when he is moving the money from the Super PACs to an offshore or other foreign account, he is getting ready to run.