American Taliban

The Republican Party is becoming more anti-democratic, pro authoritarian, evangelical, white supremacist and patriarchal in their views and actions. They are the American Taliban!

With their radical views, claiming to protect the unborn, recently manifested in the cruel law in Texas that gives more rights to the rapist than the victim, should she be impregnated by the attack, they have reached a new, all-time low.

Other Republican led states are now looking to adopt this law. Their extreme view in claiming to protect life that is no more than a mass of cells, when it comes to pregnancy, is in stark opposition to how they view life and the living in general.

You can not miss the hypocrisy and the irony when the American Taliban are claiming the sanctity of unborn life while they are vehemently against any gun control laws, while gun violence and deaths from shootings are at an all-time high.

The American Taliban are for the death penalty, even though most civilized countries have abolished that form of capital punishment.

They are against supporting poor families with things like a child tax credit, affordable child care, unemployment benefits and affordable or subsidized health insurance.

They are opposed to free prenatal care to make sure that mothers and babies are healthy and strong.

The American Taliban are against wearing face masks in order to protect each other from spreading the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. They are also against vaccination, supporting the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccines rather than supporting science and urging their followers to get vaccinated.

Covid-19 has caused the deaths of 600,000 Americans so far, how is that for protecting life?

All in all, the American Taliban are just as bad as the Taliban in Afghanistan when it comes to their attitudes towards women, minorities, and anyone who is progressive and forward-thinking, just without the beards.