This is what the Second Amendment states. I notice that it does not say WHERE the people can, or should, keep their Arms. My guess is that they do not necessarily have to keep them on or about their person.

I also do not see any particular types of Arms mentioned to which we may have a right of use or ownership. I interpret that this could mean anything, from a slingshot and pebble, a bow and arrows, knives, pitchfork, scythe, to a firearm.…really anything that could be used for defense.

It does not even say anything about having a gun for the purpose of hunting in order to survive in the wilderness! An argument that is often presented as a reason to justify gun ownership.

With the large range of Arms available to the American public, I think that we need to look at which of them cause a problem in our society and strictly regulate or outright ban their use. This will still leave hundreds of Arms that are not regulated or banned, available to those members of the public who are of the opinion that they need to arm themselves.

Quite frankly, I prefer to leave the fighting and protecting to our men and women in the police and military, since they have received training in the area of weapons use. However, if I were overly concerned with my personal safety, I would start taking classes in self-defense, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, etc.

I would become a lethal weapon! No one could take that away from me, and it is always there when I need it.

Back to the issue at hand, firearms in general and assault style weapons that can fire many rounds in a short time specifically, are the main problem in our society. Regulating, even banning, the ownership and use of these weapons should not be difficult. I believe that it would result in a reduction of shootings and killings overall.

Any weapons that shoot bullets should be regulated! The availability of bullets to load them with should be limited!

After all, what do you require hundreds or even just tens of bullets for if we are talking about self-defense purposes? If you do not stop or incapacitate an attacker or intruder with your first shot, then they just may gain the upper hand and overpower you. As a result, they may end up shooting you with your own gun.

I would like to offer some suggestions of alternative weapons to those of you who feel unsafe unless armed:

There are the aforementioned slingshot and pebble (or ball bearing), various types of bows (cross, long, short, recurve), a large variety of knives, throwing stars and axes. There are also many types of swords, the halberd, a club, a cudgel, a morning star, the nunchaku or even a simple baseball bat. For projectile weapons, you may like some of the following alternatives: I have already mentioned the slingshot, but how about an atlatl, a boomerang, or a taser. If it absolutely has to be a projectile weapon that uses gunpowder then how about a musket, a blunderbuss, or a flintlock gun, rather than an assault rifle?

Granted, some of these are not something that can be easily concealed or even easily used. But that is the point. By you having these weapons out in the open, a person may think twice about trying to do you harm. Also, you may not accidentally injure or kill someone because compared to firing a gun, it takes a little longer to use these weapons.

The point is, there are plenty of alternative arms that we can try to use for our own personal safety, it doesn’t need to be a firearm and definitely not a military style assault rifle.

As far as the “well regulated Militia” in the Second Amendment is concerned, we could have neighborhood armories where our modern, projectile types of weapons are kept. These arms will stay under lock and key, are cleaned and kept in working order.

In case of a tyrannical government that we need to rise up and defend against, we go to the armory to check out our Arms. Then we can go about fighting the tyrants as part of our neighborhood Militia unit.



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Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”