A Harsh Reality

It becomes more and more apparent that there are two groups of people occupying the same space in these United States of America. These two groups are deeply divided along political and ideological lines.

One group calls themselves Republicans, but stands for nothing that the Republican Party used to represent, freedom, democracy, conservative thinking, American values, small government…

The people who call themselves Republicans these days are truly RINO. They may as well rename that Party to closer reflect their views and what they stand for: American Fascist Party, Nazi Party of America, American Autocratic Party, U.S. Patriarchy Party, U.S. White Supremacy Party, Lunatics Unlimited…

Instead of an Elephant, the logo of that party would be a hooded Klansman with a Swastika on one sleeve and the QAnon sign on the other. He would be holding a bloody knife in one hand and the severed head of Lady Liberty in the other, similar to the figure in the picture below:

DER SPIEGEL, Issue 06/17 (Feb. 4, 2017) America First Read the cover story here

People who align with the ideology and beliefs of that party do not believe in core American values like Freedom, Equality and democratic principles. In my opinion, they do not even believe in basic values such as love, honesty, decency, and respect. Instead, they spout lies, hate, and intolerance. They spread fear of the unknown and are hypocrites in the extreme.

These people want to have power. They do not like the “other,” anyone who does not look and think like them. They do not like change. They do not like to share power. They want to be in control.

People who follow them are often misguided by their religion. They blindly follow the people they consider to be their leaders. They do not question their sources of information. For these reasons they are easily steered and manipulated by the people and sources in whom they have trust, sources who feed them a steady diet of fear, hate, and intolerance.

On the other side are the people who truly believe in the concept of freedom and democracy. These people tend to align themselves with the values and beliefs of the Party of the Democrats.

People who understand that our country is a country of immigrants. People who are open-minded. People who believe in science. People who are not afraid of change. People who are tolerant toward people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and philosophies with the common love and appreciation of the intrinsic American values of freedom and democracy.

The people in this second group love this country and the life and freedom that it makes possible for them. However, these people are sometimes complacent and forget that freedom and democracy is fragile, that it needs to be nurtured and supported. They forget that at certain times freedom and democracy need to be defended, not only with words but also with deeds.

It appears that the time has come where these two groups are heading for a showdown.

The first group has already been changing voting procedures in the states that it controls. They are making it much more difficult for people who are black, brown, or poor, people who are mostly in the second group, to take part in the electoral process.

This group is poised to change health care laws for women, forcing them to stay pregnant rather than giving a woman the choice to have an abortion, for whatever reason she may have.

They are intolerant toward gay, lesbian and transgender people by stigmatizing and marginalizing them and not allowing them to be a regular part of our society.

This group wants to deny our often brutal history of slavery and oppression because talking about it makes them feel uncomfortable. For that reason, they do not want to teach it any longer to our children in school.

Some members of that group, who are currently running for elected office, have already threatened that if elected, they will make sure that future elections will have the results that they want, not the result that the majority has voted for.

In our 2022 midterm elections, our freedom and democratic way of life are at stake. If, what used to be the Republicans, win the majority in the House or the Senate, life as we know, love and cherish will be gone. There will soon be an autocratic patriarchy in place. They will curtail freedoms for anyone who does not belong to them. From there it will just be a small step to full-blown fascism and dictatorship. Democracy will only exist in theory, like in pseudo democracies such as Hungary or Turkey, real life autocratic states just one step away from full-blown dictatorship.

The question is, what are we going to do about it? We can go and vote, but we can not rely on our democratic rules and principles to make it all work out. The other side does not play by these rules and principles, because they do not respect them!




Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”

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Born in what was then West Germany, at the beginning of the 60s, I came to the USA in 1979. I am married and have two kids. I believe in “live and let live.”

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