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HE thinks THE STATE should have power over YOUR uterus and YOUR reproductive rights!

…if you want the Supreme Court to “restore the sanctity of life” as you stated at the forum devoted to demographics and family values in Budapest, Hungary, then other things must happen too!

Never mind that this forum was taking place in Hungary, where Viktor Orban created a right wing fascist paradise, a Disney World for white supremacists, racists, authoritarians and all out Nazis, like Tucker Carlson and the like.

When you say that you want to protect life, you are talking about wanting to protect a mass of dividing cells in a woman’s uterus. Cells that she does not…

The Republican Party is becoming more anti-democratic, pro authoritarian, evangelical, white supremacist and patriarchal in their views and actions. They are the American Taliban!

With their radical views, claiming to protect the unborn, recently manifested in the cruel law in Texas that gives more rights to the rapist than the victim, should she be impregnated by the attack, they have reached a new, all-time low.

Other Republican led states are now looking to adopt this law. Their extreme view in claiming to protect life that is no more than a mass of cells, when it comes to pregnancy, is in stark opposition to how they view life and the living in general.

You can not miss the hypocrisy and the irony when the American…

You scoff at Muslims because of their treatment of women? Well, the Taliban and Muslims have that in common with many, many Republicans and Evangelicals in this country!

The new law in Texas that took effect last night is apparently very popular amongst many Republican lawmakers in states like South Dakota and Florida, to name a few, who are all looking at adopting similar laws for their states.

With the Supreme Court not stepping in, this could develop into the greatest attack on women’s rights since “I don’t know when.”

It is thoroughly disgusting to imagine that in this day and age, crusty, wrinkly, old white men and uptight white church ladies who only have sex for procreation, in the dark and fully clothed, are able to affect…

Republicans at the local, state, and national level for the most part do not care about the citizens of this country, not even their own constituents.

The latest example of this is the cruel law that was just passed in Texas, prohibiting abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, a time when most women are not even aware yet that they have become pregnant.

Republicans are against wearing masks to protect their citizens and keep them from passing-on Covid-19, they are not supporting mandatory vaccination against the disease. This has heavily contributed to the over 600,000 Covid-19 deaths right here in the United States.

Republicans are making it more difficult for citizens to vote in Republican led states.

They are against giving citizens financial help for…

How dare this UTTER DIPSHIT compare what is happening in Afghanistan with the fall of Saigon in 1975 and the hasty withdrawal of U.S. troops!

McConnell has no leg to stand on to make any historical comparisons!

First, that withdrawal in 1975 never happened, as a matter of fact, the USA was never involved in any conflict in south-east Asia, according to the new American History that Republicans want to see taught in our schools!

Second, “in February 2020, the Trump administration signed an agreement with the Taliban that called for all American forces to leave Afghanistan by May 1, 2021.” So this process got started under your “America First,” “MAGA” President.

…if you yourself (probably) got immunized against Covid-19 as soon as the vaccine was made available to you!

Blowhard Liar

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán…21st century authoritarian and fascist

…is in reality right wing Republicans, trying to white-wash and hide their love for authoritarianism and fascism!

What has happened in Hungary over the past 11 years is pure authoritarianism and fascism. From criminalizing homosexuality to not allowing immigrants into the country for fear of diluting the Hungarian culture, Vickor Orbán is the poster child of a fascist operating inside of the European Union.

Don’t be fooled by his suits, he might as well be wearing a uniform and shiny black jackboots.

No wonder the right wing Republican Trumpists think that “he is all that and a bag of chips,”…

…so why do so many people listen to and believe disinformation, rumors and lies they find on the internet or FOX “News?”

There are many old-school reputable news outlets that are trustworthy, with their reporters adhering to journalistic rules and principles. National and international TV Networks like ABC,NBC,CBS, BBC, CBC, and Deutsche Welle are among them.

…the right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated is not as important as making sure that a population is protected and a life threatening disease is kept at bay and eventually wiped out.

When there is a vaccine available that helps to curb the spread of a disease as well as keep the severity of the disease to a minimum, nobody has an excuse not to take this vaccine except, of course, those who can not receive it due to their age or underlying health conditions.

Vaccinated people should receive a proof of vaccination so that they can…


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